It all started one random day in the Summer of 2012. I had been toying with the idea of making greeting cards for some time, but as a chronic over-thinker I continuously talked myself in circles around the things I needed, decisions to be made, which supplies were best. But I love making people laugh, I love giving gifts, and I think I’m kinda funny.

So one day, I just made it happen. I placed an order with French Paper, edited a few cards I’d given to friends and family (and mocked up a few more), snapped some photos on the back deck, and opened up shop.

From 2012-2014, I refined some designs and started researching how I could better the company. I participated in a few local craft fairs and learned some valuable lessons. I was ready to get serious, damn it.

In this progressive state of mind, a.b. papercrafts doubled its staff in January 2015! (So there’s a whopping two of us now, LOL). My new partner in crime (er, business) Anh is bringing so much expertise and badassery to the table it’s insane.

That brings us to now. We are in the process of completely rebranding the company and breaking into new media. We’ve got big ideas and we’re excited for all the changes 2015 will bring.

Our cards help people make the most of interpersonal communication by providing intelligently funny sh*t t share, and it’s our mission to exponentially increase the amount of smiles, laughs, smirks, and chortles in the world.